Moms on baby #2+


What are some things you had or wished you had help with or just in general wish others could/ would have done for you upon bringing home your first baby?

I'm a FTM we obviously aren't sure of what we're about to get ourselves into. Also we're not sure what we can or should ask of people who want to help after our little guy is born. My mom will be visiting "as long as I need her" (from Missouri to Washington) in hopes of helping but she is terminally ill and I am not about to load her up with things to help with. We have other loved ones as well but again not sure what to ask ...

I DO know I'll have to find someone willing to come to my house when I go in labor and stay with my 5 animals ; 2very hyperactive big dogs a husky and German shepherd and my 3 kitties, all of which need let in and out, fed and watered; since you never know how long labor and delivery + how long after youll be at the hospital and that will NOT be my mom. But what can I ask of her , my mother in law , my sister and sister in law etc.. also I have a good allergy so I have to be the one to make my freezer meals before I go into labor so that's not something they can really help with either..