Prenatal vitamins

Sarah • Married. Daughter of the most high King 🤴 Mama to the most beautiful little boy ever 💕

So 2 days ago I got some insane news.. that my husband and I are having a baby. We weren’t expecting this right now, so we both are still in absolute shock. We are crazy happy.. just scared. I’ve never been a mom, and he’s never been a dad.

I’ve worked in childcare for 6 years and have been just fine with caring for 5 infants at once, 8 one year olds at once; and 12 two year olds at once & 15 three year olds, and 16 4 year olds. But caring for this 1 infant.. that’s MY baby.. is the scariest thing. I’m responsible for this baby for the next 60 years of my life.. I’m so excited to love this baby, and truly learn that unconditional motherly love. & I’m so excited to experience all of this. I don’t even know where to begin honestly..

Here are so questions from a first time pregnant mommy :

My husbands insurance doesn’t go into effect until December 1st because he just started this new job.. so that’s almost 3 weeks away.. is it okay to wait? Or should I find a free clinic around here?

I already went and bought my prenatal vitamins yesterday.. is there anything else that I need to be taking on top of that?

My pre-pregnancy weight is 250lb and 5’5 in height.. I know... super overweight. I wanted to be healthy before I had babies, but this just happened. Can I still try to loose weight while pregnant? I’ve looked up healthy pregnancy diets.. but what types of exercise can I do? Anything?

Also I’ve had a cold for the past week (one of the symptoms) I’m not sure if I can take anything for it.. what do I do about that? Just wait for doctors approval?

I am basically depending on this app. And google to help me out... I don’t plan on telling friends and stuff until Christmas time.. I’ll be further along by then. But I have my mom she just lives 4 hours away and I don’t wanna bother her at 2:30am when I am thinking of this stuff lol. Picture below is how I told my mom. We gave her a “present” cause she’s been staying with us for the past 2 weeks to help get us settled into our new house.. & we put the pregnancy test on the bottom, the onesie in the middle and 2 chocolate bars on top to smooth it over lol 😂