Slightly worried

So I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a few nights ago and also during my extreme fertile stage. My period is now 3 days late, I’ve had extremely tender breasts, my mood has been all over the place, I’ve been extremely sensitive to pain (I’m not sensitive at all normally), I don’t normally get cramps and oh my loving god I’ve had them this month and I also am having no discharge. What the fuck is going on 😂 I just read that someone else is having a similar problem so I’m gonna give it a week and if it doesn’t come and my symptoms don’t change I’ll go to a doctor... could I be pregnant???

UPDATE: he pulled out also.. like 3 minutes before he acc came

UPDATE 2: my periods are every 2 weeks.. I know it’s strange and whatever but that’s just my cycle. My boyfriends mother has said that it might just be my body levelling out and my cycle may be changing HOWEVER, my period was normally nearly always exactly 2 weeks apart. I am also getting the complete different symptoms to normal, my boobs are never tender, I never get any of the symptoms described above. I’m gonna give it 5 days and if it doesn’t come then I’ll be worried