I need your prayers.

I'm not a religious person but right now I could really use some well wishes and prayers sent my way. I have been trying to have a baby with my husband for 14 months now, everytime I think my medication is working I can't confirm ovulation. My grandfather just went into the hospital last week with pneumonia. He is the last grandparent on both our sides and it's so important to me have a baby before he dies. I knew two of my great-grandparents and my husband didn't know any of his, I just think it would be so special if our child,whether they knew it or not,got to meet at least one of the great grandparents. he told my mom he's holding onto life and hoping to live another 10 years just so he can watch me have children. I'm absolutely heartbroken because I knew it was important to me but I didn't realize how important it was to him. I hope he does have another 10 years in him but he is in his mid-eighties now and things aren't looking very good currently. He stopped eating a few months ago and has lost 40 lb and now he's sick. I know it's kind of selfish to ask a bunch of strangers to pray for me but I could really use your help.

This is my grandfather and my step grandmother on my wedding day last year, before he stopped eating.

My husband and I, we have been together for 8 years now.