I'm 11 DPO

I have a long cycle, 31ish days. AF due between 3 to 5 days from now. Normally a week before AF I have period cramps (very obvious and intense, and I'm like ugh here she comes.) No cramping yet. I felt the slight sting on my right side which I assume is the egg making its travels. Yesterday at 10DPO I felt a dull cramp in that area for about a 2 minutes and just hoped it was trying to implant because it was fertile. Took a test this AM but if there's a line you can't see with nakey eyes. I can't vouch for back aches (had a car accident), nausea, or BMs because I have gastritis. I can't sleep later than 7am but that's probably just anxiety. Anyone else 11DPO and wanna share what's going on? :)