His family doesn’t like me/ creates problems

I’ve been with my bf for a year & 5 months and it seems like things are getting worst when it comes to his family, they try to create problems and I’ve never been put in this situation.. I was at my bfs house and his mom starts talking about how he had some other girl over, I started crying and she was just laughing the whole time. My bf told her something and now they’re all mad at him. I hate his family because they don’t appreciate my bf, since I’ve met him it’s always been about pleasing them.

They didn’t agree with us in the beginning (I’m his first gf) he’s 26.

I had to cover my tattoos/ piercings because my bf didn’t want his mom talking about me.

Now his sisters getting involved and we were on the phone (he called from his sisters since his broke) and I hear her saying give me my phone back if you’re going to use it to call her, I don’t want you contacting her.

I feel like crying but I’m also mad I haven’t done anything to this family, we’re just trying to be happy. I’ve never had issues with a bfs family I don’t know what to do..

He’s planing on moving out because of all of this. They make me feel like I’m in high school, I hate this.

I had saw his msg with his mom and he was talking about how he has a headache from work and she replies yeah I can understand because of that girl you’re with

I haven’t done anything and now I’m starting to get mad..

Any advice?