Polygamy, fake seizures, ambulance oh my!!


So! I'm going to tell you guys about my last poly relationship, hold on to your titts I can't make this shit up. The people in this story will remain anonymous they will be called bf1 and bf2

So beginning of last year I met the man of my dreams and asked him would he be ok with me having 2 boyfriends he agreed and so did bf2

Things are going pretty damn good if I do say so myself but 2 weeks later bf2 decided that he was more important than bf1 and he should be treated better

Bf1 and I are laying in our bed watching Netflix after having a beer.. That's the shit we do on the weekends bf2 walks in and sits on the folding chair at the foot of the bed I'm used to laying between them but I thought nothing of it. at this point bf2 decides he's done talking to us so he's just sitting there pretty much ignoring us

2 minutes go by and he's still not talking but smirking and laughing to himself at the jokes that bf1 is saying so I averted my attention, 10 seconds later bf2 then throws himself from the chair he's now face down with his arms folded under his head bf1 and I look over the bed like what in the entire fuck are you doing

He did not respond so knowing he was being an ass bf1 says "I'm going to call the fucking ambulance if you don't get up" (That was the option because this person suffers from seizures, the kind where you shake uncontrollably and pretty much sleep for 2 days or more) he didn't get up so bf1 called the ambulance the guys came in there collected him from the floor and put him In the back of the ambulance.

As soon as the doors slammed he jumped up off the Gurney and yelled "wait wait wait I'm ok!!" arms flailing

Tried to jump out of the ambulance... Bf1 says "I think he's ok you can let him out" The EMT says "if I let him out you'll have to pay", needless to say that crazy fuck spent the whole night In the hospital. I collected my shit and told bf1 I'll never step back in that crazy fuck hole for as long as I live he agreed I went to my mothers and we moved from that house within a week, as far as I know bf2 is still going around telling ppl I was with him and cheated on him with bf1 and abandoned him

The end 😂... This is a true story I can't make this shit up.