Could this be it??💥


July Of last year, just Two weeks after my gender reveal, I gave birth to my daughter Jayda @ 20 weeks💕. She was born @ 1 pound & she didn’t make it. My pregnancy was great with no complications& we weren’t trying for a baby, i always figured it would happen eventually. BUT my water just broke in the middle of the night.😔 This was my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy (nine years ago) was perfect and I had a healthy 9 pound little boy. (I was 18 years old at the time). My family & i were heart broken due to the loss for our princess 👑 and I had made up my mind that my son would be the ONLY child.

In September, me & my husband decided to TTC this year, so I started doing research about helpful ways to conceive, learning my body more & tracking my cycles. So October we downloaded this app and put everything to the TEST😍!! My LMP was Oct 11th & my Period is 4 days past Due☺️. We are waiting until Thursday when I’m 1 week past due before Testing. Hopefully we landed it on the 1st try, if not we WILL try again.. will give u guys an update😊

#The waiting Game begins♥️