Dilated Kidney during Anatomy Scan


So I want to start this off by saying the nurse I talked to told me not to be concerned. So I’m trying not to be concerned, but I’m also looking for other mommas that had the same thing show up in their ultrasound and to see how their story turned out!

My little man had a normal anatomy scan for all but one thing, he has a dilated kidney. The nurse said I will be scheduled for a second ultrasound in my third trimester to check to see if it’s resolved. If it hasn’t, she said we will have to see a pediatrician about it after he is born. I asked what a dilated kidney meant and she said it’s enlarged. So what does that mean exactly? Does it affect function if it stays large? What causes it to happen? And if it doesn’t resolve, what does that mean for my son?

Thanks in advance for all stories and advice!! ❤️❤️ he’s my rainbow and I just worry!