Monster in Law!!!

We've been engaged for 6 months... Together for a yr 1/2. Now we are having a child together and hes leaving for the Navy.

His mother treats me like absolute dog shit. She will text him horrible things about me, told him I wasnt invited to her house for the holidays, and that she hopes I have support from my family while hes gone, because she didnt want anything to do with me. Mind you, she wants to be in the room when the baby is born?!

He has taken up for me and put her in her place ( so he says )

She told him today that he needed to make sure I got medicaid, food stamps, and housing before he left so he wouldn't have to "worry or take care of me" while he was gone. ( We have a place together already )

I hate her. It puts such a strain on our relationship...

Idk what to do anymore. Ive asked her so many times what ive done and she will never answer me.

My heart hurts and I'm so angry.

Please... Any advice ?