My nipple piercing is infected what should i do

I got my nipple pierced back in January. And its never really healed properly. I think its been infected for quite a while now. However, today it’s looking worse. My nipple is so swollen its taking up the whole of the bar. I touched it and a white liquid came out of it. Theres always yellow crust on it. It slightly stings me wen im wearing a bra because it irritates it. Also im not sure if it’s because of the piercing but my boob kinda hurts. I’ve tried cleaning it with salt water but it really isn’t helping. I don’t really want to take out my piercing but if i have to then i guess i will. But for now what should i do? I heard taking it out could make it worse. Im getting kinda worried tbh. See how you cant even see the bar😰.

I think My flesh is literally coming out of the hole. It’s pink and raw looking.

Sorrrry if they loook too disgusting.