Hoping for a VBAC

Angie • boy mom of two! heart and hands full with a tot and newborn 💙

Hi! I’m currently pregnant with #2 and praying for a VBAC. I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy with #1 except for the debilitating morning sickness.... and at my week 35 scan baby was head down then at my week 38 scan baby was breech (he just kept flipping around in there) after that I walked around as much as I could, I even put my earbuds in the waistline of my pants and played music to encourage baby to flip. but he was snug. My ob wouldn’t flip him for fear of complications so when I went to the hospital with contractions I scheduled my c-section. Baby and I were released after a few days happy and healthy 💖 this time around though I want to deliver vaginally. We didn’t wait the recommended 18 months (oops) so I’m researching like crazy to find anything that’ll help. Any mommas who had a VBAC or repeat c-sections have any tips they want to pass along?? Anything would be appreciated!!

I already ordered red raspberry leaf tea in bulk 😂😂