Dead Bedroom vent whilst TTC

Shaylor 🇬🇧 🏳️‍🌈

My partner and I (5 years together) are TTC, she is bisexual and I am lesbian. We are having an awful dry spell at the moment. Like 2 times 2 years. I miss sex horribly, I miss that i used to be able to tell her that I was horny and in bed felt comfortable crawling all over her with kisses and touches. All do now is peck on the lips morning and night, if I try a long kiss she mockingly tells me “don’t get ahead of yourself” we cuddle on the couch but thats it. I’m 32 and I feel robbed of my sexuality, she has had some issues coming to terms with being in a long term same sex relationship as she has only ever been with men and she has expressed she doesn’t know how she feels never having sex with a man again. She assures me that if we love each other it will sort itself out, and we do love each other.

I just worry that TTC in a sex-less relationship is a dangerous game. Don’t want to bring a child into the world only for us to not work out. I thought that TTC would force us to be more intimate due to the fact we were inseminating, but nothing. Absolutely nothing. Any opinions good or bad are welcome.