Moriah • Blessed by God and a Jeep girl for life!

I am SO glad I have you guys because I do not want to say anything to family or friends just in case it’s actually true and I could be pregnant but I need some prayers and encouragement!!

Anyways my husband and I ha e been married 5 years and have never prevented! About 6 months ago we were worried something may be wrong so we both got testing done and everything came back great! BUT we were still wondering what the deal is! We both are believers and knew/know God has a plan and He truly gave us peace to just wait on him after looking into adoption after a discouraging conference call. After that we got serious and for the first time we used ovulation tests and really paid attention to what days were important!

With all of that said this will be our second or third month using the ovulation tests and I’m 6 days late (usually if I’m late it’s maybe 3-4 days at the most) but TERRIFIED to test because I’m so scared to get another negative!

If you’re a believer or pray please pray for me to have courage and trust and if it is negative to keep the faith!