No growth ultrasound?

Reenie✨🍍 • 27 mommy to a baby boy 💙

Am I the only one that has been told that after my 20w ultrasound where they measured everything and looked for gender that there would be no more ultrasounds? I had my 20 week ultrasound 10 weeks ago and at my last appointment (yesterday) I asked if I was getting anymore ultrasounds in the future before he comes and they told me “no” 🙁. They said as long as I measure right and nothing is wrong I wouldn’t receive anymore ultrasounds. My friend is 2 weeks behind me and just received her 28 week “growth” ultrasound and she said she’s getting another one at 34 weeks. I’m so jealous and frankly upset that I’m not getting any “growth” ultrasounds!! Anyone else only get 2 ultrasounds their entire pregnancy and was told it’s normal?