What are the funniest or weirdest things you have said to your pet?

Allison • Glow Community Advocate

I am one of those people who talks to their pets. I think of my pets as kind of roommates who don't pay bills or do chores. Mostly I say the "normal" things that people say to their pets. "I'll be back soon." "Time for dinner." "I need to get up." "You are so cute." "Good thing you are so cute." That type of thing. A few times I have mixed up my cat and my daughter's names. 😣 Oops!

Yesterday I told my cat that she lives a charmed life. It's true. 🤷‍♀️

Other things I have told her:

"I am so jealous that you don't have to wear pants or a bra!"

"Why don't you have a job yet?" I have also said this to my horse, I mean he is 18, he is old enough to get a drivers license so there is nothing stopping him!🙄

"If you are going wake everyone up the least you could is start the coffee."

"Oh my! That was Cat-astorphic! What a Cat-astrophe!"