Ahhh do i get a sweep tmr or not?!

Monique • ☀️💙11/28/2018💙💜due 11/30/2020💜👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

38 weeks, and doc said if i wanted i could, she doesnt do checks or sweeps before 38 weeks...and really wont do a check anyways, just a sweep( but i know she can tell from there)

I know i would rather get a sweep done than later on need to get induced...i would much prefer a more natural approach than medicated inductions come 41 weeks...and hoping a sweep will help progress things in that way...i know sweeps dont always work, and really only help if baby is ready to start with..but idk if he is or not atm bwhaha

Im debating so hard cuz i know he is so low and past 2 days have been very very consistent braxton hicks or pranomal labor. Like he is almost ready

..just debating to start tryinf this week or wait another week