Chicken Pox Exposure

Erika • Mom of 2

I just found out my LO was exposed to the chicken pox! From what I've been reading, it's unusual for babies to come down with the chicken pox during the first year because of the antibodies they get from their mother during the 3rd trimester, and if they do get it, it's mild. My son has had the vaccine, but my daughter is too young. Here's hoping breastmilk does its magic and my antibodies keep her healthy! We have a weight check at the pediatrician tomorrow morning so I will ask them what they recommend. I'm sure she'll be fine.

Update: The pediatrician said at this point we just have to wait and see and monitor her closely. That's pretty much what I expected. I read the incubation period after exposure is 2 weeks, so we won't know for at least another week.