A Straight (but confused) Girl I’m In Love With.


Okay, so I don’t know what to do.. I’m in love with my best friend and she’s confused but identifies as straight. We’ve been best friends for almost 3 years and I caught feelings for her about 6 months ago. All I know is I’m insanely in love with her.. and yes, I know I’m only 15. But I know what I feel and I have no idea what to do. We’ve made out plenty of times and we hang out at every chance we get. And we can bring ourselves to do sexual things, but I don’t know if I want to because if she ends up just being straight then I know I’m going to be the one heartbroken. She told me about a month ago that she’s like me for near 3 months now, and I’m terrified that this is just her “one time thing”. I don’t know if I should pursue and just let myself love her, or try to stop and only stay friends.. please help me and give some advice!!