Bed sharing ??? Need help!!!!

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Hello, I had my baby 6 weeks ago and I’m in a pickle, let me explain. We were using a very old bassinet, I assume at least 35 years old. Yeah, it wasn’t my idea, let yours leave that there. One day I started looking at the bassinet and I saw that the mattress part ( which I couldn’t change ) was not flat, you could see the wear in the middle. Anyways, I didn’t like that so we bought an in-bed bassinet as a temporary solution because I didn’t feel safe with the old bassinet. That was like a month ago. We are still using the in bed bassinet because I can’t lie, it’s pretty handy. I started reading that sharing a bed with an infant is a no no. My question is if is it safe to share a bed with my baby while using this in bed bassinet. She sleeps between my hubby and I. We don’t use drugs or drink. We also don’t put anything inside her bassinet, just the mattress with the covert.