He thinks he's not good enough.

So my husband can't get me to cum from penetration alone. I've accepted it as I just can't orgasm from having something inside me. I've had vibraters in me ON HIGH and never cared, never felt much. So when I got married I didn't expect him to get me there with only his member. But before we were together he had been around and made other girls orgasm. So now he thinks that he's gotten bad at it. It's so stupid I know. I've tried telling him it feels AMAZING when he's inside me but he always says its clearly not amazing enough. Ive told him over and over that its me. I'm not set up that way. He just cant get over it. Im worried its starting to effect his confidence. Please help. I told him there is only a small percentage of women that can always cum from penetration alone. He still won't believe me. He just keeps saying he used to be better.