Confusion !


My husband and I miscarried twins in august & we had continued to try for a baby .. I began religiously testing .. today was the day I received 4 Positives !! They aren’t faint either .. buttttt my last period was September 24th I had received a lot of very very faint lines , so faint I just forced myself to understand it was an evap the lines always showed at the 10 minute mark and continued to get darker after the time limit . Today was the only day I had definite lines . This will be our rainbow baby .. I’ve lost 5 all together and I have a son now . I called the doctor I have an appointment tomorrow to check my levels they said I will be 9 weeks November 28th.. but that doesn’t seem right especially with all of my faints and negative test .. but I need to get an idea of just how far along I am has anyone experienced this ? Any idea on a due date / conception ? How far along am I lol I know I won’t know till a doctor but I’m curious on the reply’s ! Estimated due date according to the conception calendar and the doctors remark