Advice please!

Sorry in advance.. LONG POST

So I'm 5wks 6 days today and I have a 4 month old. I didnt know I was pregnant because I had a regular cycle last month and no symptoms. I just went for a checkup and my doctor gave me results of a positive pregnancy. I was so hurt I couldn't stop crying because I JUST had a baby. My husband and I always use condoms so I guess one popped and we didnt realize it. So I told my husband and at first he was devastated but he's happy now.

I told my mom because I thought I could talk to her because we are kinda close. When I told her she told me I was stupid for getting pregnant back to back and people are going to be talking about me and laughing at me because I will have two small babies. That hurt my feelings and now I'm thinking of not keeping the baby. It kills me to even think about something like that but I know we are honestly not ready for a 2nd child right now. Have anyone else been through this? I really need some advice I'm so depressed about this situation.