Abuse *My Story, My Testimony*



PT. 1

Things Were Good For A Little While But Then He'd Always Makes Comments Like " I Wish I Would've Pushed You Down The Stairs So You Wouldn't Have It" "I'mma Hurt You For Doing This To Me" For The First 6 Months Of My Pregnancy I Heard That Along With Other Short Comments That I Would Brush Off After He'd Apologize & Be All Lovey Dovey, A Few Times I Tried Leaving, I Was Tired Of Always Hearing Tbe Same Thing & Other Things Like "We're Still Gonna Get A DNA Test" "My Family & Friends Don't Think It's My Kid" "Everyone Says I Can Do Better" (Physically Better) It Got Tiring Hearing All Those Things, Just Being Brought Down Everyday But Whenever I Tried Leaving & My Bags Were Packed I'd Walk Out That Door & He'd Come Running After Me, Holding My Legs & Crying For Me Not To Leave...Things Would Be Good For A Bit & I Slowly Learned To Love This Stranger, Flaws & All. At First He'd Always Take Me With Him Everywhere, He'd Offer To Take Me Out With Him & I'd Go. Slowly He Started Leaving Me Behind, Going Out Everyday With His Friends & I'd Be Stuck In A Room Watching Movies Alone & He'd Come Home, Eat & Sleep, Even When He Lost His Job, He Chose To Go Out & Drink With His Friends & I'd Stay Alone Until Night Time, It Was Hard For Me, Emotional, Stressed, Pregnant, Missing My Parents, My Dog, I Never Felt So Alone Before. One Day He Asked To Look Through My Phone & I Let Him, He Went Through Everything, I Asked For His Phone & He Let Me Until I Got To Certain Messages, He Wouldn't Let Me See It So I Got Up & Walked To The Closet To Read It But He Followed & Asked For His Phone & I Said "Wait Let Me Read This" He Pulled Me Down To The Ground By The Hair, I Was 6 Months Pregant, I Quietly Got Up, Laid In Bed & Cried Until I'd Fall Asleep, The Next Day He'd Act Like Nothing Happened, This Happened More & More, Got Worse & Worse, The Arguments Always Started The Same, I'd Ask & Beg Him To Spend Time With Me, To Take Me Out, I Didn't Want To Be Alone In That House, I Asked Him To Spend Time With Me Before The Baby Arrived & He'd Get Mad & Scream At Me & I'd Scream Back & Then He'd Pull My Hair, My Arms, Put His Hands Around My Neck & Squeez So I'd Make Sure To Hear What He Had To Say, I'd Leave & Then I'd Come Back Because He Said He Loved Me & I Believed It , Because He Said He Needed Me & i Was His Only Friend & He Cried To Me & I Believed It, I Believed It All. Months Passed, I Was 8 Maybe Already 9 Months Pregnant, We Were In The Car & He was Telling Me His Plans & I Asked "Can We Hangout, Like Just Us Two, Go On A Date Or Something? You Always Go Out With (Female Friend) But Never Want To Do Anything With Me" He Got Mad & Drove Fast To A Spot By My House, Took Out A Pocket Knife & Said " You Make Me Want To Kill you" I Paniked & Cried,He Got Back In The Car & I Told Him I Didn't Want To Be With Him That I Was Done That I Couldn't do It Aymore, He Started Crying Telling Me He Was Sorry & That He Couldn't Lose Me That I Was His Only Friend & I Believed Him.