Decreased fetal movement


So I’m 33+6 today. I called my ob yesterday for cramping (could have been BH) and decreased fetal movement. They had me do a kick count which he only moved about 3 times in the time span. I went in for an NsT and even though it took an hour and a half they said he looked fine and sent me on my way. Last night I had severe upper abdominal pain and extreme nausea which I’m not sure if it was worse because he likes to sit up in my ribs more these days or what it was but I sat in the shower for 20+ mins and then went back to bed. He’s usually a very active baby and is kicking a lot in the morning and in the afternoon especially right before I go to bed. Which he barely moved all day yesterday and has had very little movement this morning after I ate breakfast and drank ice water. I don’t want to keep calling my ob if it’s nothing but I don’t want to ignore it if it’s something. I’m in a pickle. Any advice is greatly appreciated!