Stressed with the new office


So I transferred to a new dental office when I moved & so far it's the worst these ppl are horrible coworkers & the dr is such a jerk. She almost lost her office because patients had nothing but bad reviews & associates wouldn't work with her. So I come in Jolly ass fuck because the office I came from was amazing I got along with everyone & the feedback before I left was " I was one of their best assistants". Okay so that boosted my confidence thinking I'm going to dominate this. Well apparently dr has nothing but complaints & the lead keeps nagging at me. She keeps talking to me like a child. For example: she asked me did you set up for the morning patients"? I said yes, the " fillings & crowns". Gets next to my ear & says "that's not what I asked you, it's a yes or no" . I told her well if you listen I said yes. & it's this type of stuff all day everyday. Well the first month I started I found out I'm pregnant 🙄. So that meant that I'm basically stuck in this office until I go on maternity leave. But im so unhappy the dr makes indirect comments about how I slowed down. She wants me to run during xrays (someone pushes the button, i run) well i speed walk because twisted my ankle on Monday which i didn't mention to anyone because only the patient saw. Anyway dr snaps her fingers at me & tells me to run. I just keep my pace there's no reason for her to snap her fingers that's just rude. Anyone else go through this? I need some positivity I'm done stressing about them im not planning to stay there.

Oh one more thing Thanksgiving potluck today & guess who got the day off last minute? Me! & she tells me oh if you want to come anyway bring something 😒 like bitch......really.