Is it possible to have temp rises but not ovulate?

Jill • baby boy 💙 due 09/2019!

I posted about this yesterday but have a follow up Q. I had blood work on Friday, November 9. My progesterone levels came back low at 1.1 (>10 confirms ovulation) so my doctor said I didn’t ovulate this month (despite seeing a mature follicle on my ultrasound earlier that week and being told I was about to ovu).

I tend to ovu CD17-19 so some people said the blood test was too early and might not be accurate, but it’s hard not to trust the doctor. but I was so surprised about the results. because I had a ton of ovulation symptoms and +OPKs. But the most confusing part is, my temps keep rising.

So my question is, can temps rise steadily even if you didn’t ovulate?? I’m so confused. 😩