Are these good gifts?

So this year me and my friends are doing Christmas gifts. I’m think of getting them the same/ similar things like for example - I’ll get them both hats but different styles/colors.

So I’m going to get them socks, winter hats, boho headbands, snow man mug with cocoa in it, truffles, and possibly both yankee candles.

And then one friend I’m going to get a $28 Alex and ani HP ring bc she likes Harry Potter.

Then the other friend I’m going to get 2 milk and honey books that add up to be close to $28 too.

Is this good? Bad? Comment below please.


I’m a bit nervous because the last years we did this I had legit no money so my gifts were pretty bad and I could tell one of the girls above hated her gift, she started kind of pouting and seemed unhappy. Then the other friend, I just gave her her graduation gift the other day ( I’ve had it since June but just kept forgetting to give it) and so i dropped her off at her house, it was in a gift bag and she said she would open it inside. It’s been like a week and she never even said thank you...

kind of rude so I’m still annoyed with them ig