so my boyfriends mom is very judgements and rude to me. I always had a feeling she didn’t like me but he would always say o was just reaching her wrong and she didn’t mean what she said like that. We’ve been together over 2 years and it really gets to me that she doesn’t like me for no reason. A few weeks ago we made a big purchase together a new car and when we told her she completely flipped out right in the middle of a nice dinner we were out at. She started yelling directly at me and telling me it was so wrong of me to do that and to put his name on a car title when I make so much more money then him but we talked through it and were responsible about the purchase. She was just screaming at me and him telling us we are both stupid and I brainwashed her son into buying me a car and when NOT IF WHEN we break up he’s gonna be left with that debt and we have to sell it and blah blah. He later texted her and said how upset he was that she yelled at me and acted to immature. She completely ignored his text of her asking her to accept me and that he loves me. Later that day she calls him and leaves him a voicemail of thanksgiving day plans where might I. Add apparently “no girlfriend are allowed” to attend the dinner and she mentions something about our car payment and how I tricked him into it and that his family has so much money and my family which she has never once met...has to work like dogs for our money and that’s why he should listen to her and not me. I asked him to call her and tell her it’s not okay for her to say stuff about me or my family like that and he agreed but then she just continued to say very terrible things about me and how she wants him to leave me and find someone better and I’m not putting him in a good environment and he can do so much better and just on and on and on. Me and my boyfriend get along 99% of the time and the only time we fight is about his family and his mom. I know he can’t control what she says but I think it’s wrong he just lets her say such terrible things about me and if I even get a word in about her I’m told “hey don’t talk about my mom or family that way” but she can just say whatever she wants. I don’t want to break up with him but it’s beginning to bother me so much that I feel like he’s picking them over me. I don’t want him to have to chose either of us over another but I don’t know how to be okay with his mom constantly putting me down and him not being mad at her but gets sooo mad at me when I say anything. I just don’t feel like it’s fair and it causes us to argue. Should I just suck it up and get over it or should I leave him? I’m just not sure how we can have children and get married with her being like that towards me without him defending me. Opinions?