I don't really have a question or anything, I just want to rant!

I found out I was pregnant on 10/4. Got my BFP... Took 6 months TTC which is NOTHING compared to others journeys.

Husband and I were so excited... Had our first ultrasound and I was measuring 4w5d instead of 6w5d. No biggie, I have 33-35 day cycles, and the same happened with my DD. Went back a week later because I was bleeding. Measures at 5w4d, and was diagnosed with a SCH.

I thought no worries.. we'll see a heartbeat next week.


Complete natural miscarriage on 10/31.

Well I bled until about 11/2... But it was really bleeding 10/29-10/31, then after I passed the baby and tissue, I lightly spotted.

On 11/6-11/8 I had:

*Gushing EWCM

*High libido

*Mini cramps on the left side

*Near positive OPKs

*One incident of brown tinted discharge on 11/7

I really feel like I missed my surge on 11/7 as I didn't test in the PM.

As you can see, my tests are so light you can barely see them!!!

I just started tracking temps which are pretty inconclusive.

Which I just realized you can't use a forehead thermometer for BBT.

I've been obsessively checking my temperature for NOTHING.


I am not even confident in Glows prediction of ovulation either.

My CM is dry right now.. complete opposite of what I had post MC.

I have some FRER but I didn't want to "waste" one this morning as I'm not having any symptoms.

My last BFP with the MC was at 10 DPO with a FRER.

I took a Clinical Guard this morning because I have a bunch of them... I swear I see a VVVVVFL...

I am just so frustrated with this miscarriage. It sucks. Emotionally, physically, psychologically.

I just want to track my body and get back to normal. I just want to be pregnant and healthy.

I'm going to wait two more days and I might use an FRER.

Even though today might have been 10 DPO, I might have not released 24-48 hrs from 11/7 when I speculate I surged and missed. So hopefully I'll be able to see something in a few days.

Anyway, if you made it this far.. thanks for your ear. 😘