Relationship advice ASAP please 🙏🏽😩//I need brutal advice

So I’ve known this kid for a little over a year in high school. I graduated he’s a senior. And he’s been trying to tell me for a long time how much he has liked me, but I was oblivious to it until one day on Snapchat he was like date me. And I told him I don’t wanna be a distraction wait until after you graduate to where we can both focus. We continued talking and he asked to take me on a date and so I went ..we went to the movies he paid for the tickets I paid for the -mind you this is my first date we’re in the movies talking and it’s a little awkward cause he’s not matching my energy..and I didn’t feel the same way as I did when I used to really like this one person ..I wanted to try this and give him a chance. So we cuddled a little bit in the movies..a little awkward because the movie seats... so then he asked me to sit on his lap 3/4 way through the movie and I did and so towards the end we kissed😭 and this was my first kiss🤦🏽‍♀️ and I’m not saying I regret it..well I am but I’m not..but like omg I could’ve waited. When we left he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes🤦🏽‍♀️ and now I’m 48 hours into a relationship not knowing what I’m doing because this is my first relationship..but he is really sweet and down to earth and he has his shit together. I don’t want to let a good one go because I always hear these stories on how these girls/women let these good men go and really miss out..but I’m finally getting my shit together and finally getting things sorted out and doing good things in life not that I did bad things but I’m finally on the road to success. I start college in January and i dont know what college has in for me..I don’t want to hurt him I feel like shitttt... sitting here I feel like a piece of ass...i dont want to date him just because he treats me so good i wanna feel it like he does ..he treats me extremely good. He has patience with me and accepts me for me and he calls me princess and like I can’t put into words how good he treats me..but like I said I don’t wanna date him just cause of that I want to it to be mutual but like it is but’s it’s not and I’m confused...idc about looks or what anyone has to say my thing is idk if I’m ready I’m a way. I’ve been wanting to give someone my all and all my love and affection and I’ve been wanting a relationship..but now that it’s here it’s like bitchhh you’re only 18 don’t you think it’s too early to settle down like this.. you do but you don’t even have your shit together enough..I know what I want but damn i dont know..he wants to be a nurse and he works in a nursing home and he shadows a nurse..I feel really weird. I don’t feel like this is natural like it’s not forced but it’s not natural. Hes adorable in his own way but idk..My mom always told me opposites attract and I didn’t believe her until this happened cause he’s not a guy I’d usually go for🤷🏽‍♀️he told me and made it very clear on how much he likes me😅 and I feel like i fuck and fucked everything up😠😓 please tell me what I should do I need some brutal ass opinions and advice