I need to get this if my chest.

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Lovelies I am so emotional right now. Let me start with a bit and quick history of why I am emotional right now. I grew up in a family we’re both parents unfortunately are alcoholics (I say this with all the respect to my parents don’t get me wrong. ). You can imagine that growing up wasn’t always easy. The last years have been sooooo hard for both my parents as their health started to fail. My dad pasted away 2 years ago due to this illness (I miss him everyday ). Now my mom is doing really really bad. She is so skinny, had 3 brains bleeding the past year I see her getting in that “last” stage we’re my dad was into. I know I can’t do anything but pray and hope that when it is her time that she has an easy passing but it is so hard. Everything in me want to safe her but I know I can’t. Thank you for reading my story. I needed to get this of my chest ❤️