Im in SHOCK!!!


I have a 7 years old beautiful daughter, then in 2016 I lost my 2nd daughter at 20 weeks due to my water breaking ( pprom). Then started infertility treatments after I was told I had second hand infertility. My 1st <a href="">iui</a>

failed second worked. I was high risk and out of work at 13 weeks. I had my 3rd daughter, she will be one on the 28th. WELL I just found out I'm pregnant again. The hubby and I only had time to do it one time. IM SO SCARED!!!! I just got a hospital job and run my ass off for 8 hours a day!! I pray this baby will make it. It was unexpected but a blessing. I'm so scared I'll lose this one. I have to work because my husband just got laid off for winter! Wish me luck lady's .