What the f**ck?! 🌊( great story ahead...lol)

So I’ve never experienced this before... ever. Lol

So I was just standing there, and all of a sudden, I felt just like, leaking, like a gush of water. It actually felt like when u get ur period and ... .......you know the feeling:

So I’m like, ummm... my period isn’t supposed to come for another 10 days! Wtf?!

So I rush to the bathroom, and all I see is not blood, but very watery discharge. Just water! With some kind of creamy cm too.

Omg, I’m sorry, this is so disgusting. Lol

I have never had this. Except when it’s my period and I gush blood..... that’s the only ‘gushing’ I’ve ever experienced. Ha ha!

... but no blood. Just water. Lol. 5dpo, btw. I am NOT symptom spotting; told myself I wouldn’t. Just thought this was weird af, and wanted to tell y’all an amazing ass story😂😂😂

The End.😂