Opinions needed


My husband and I just bought a house. He moved everything in from the storage trailer with his friend. I stayed inside watching our two year old as I couldn’t be much help because everything was heavy and the walkway was icy. It took them maybe 1.5 hours TOPS! Now I’m feeling like he expects me to put everything away. We unfortunately need to clean everything also as mice got into most of our stuff. I’m feeling extremely overwhelmed as the house already needs updating (painting/flooring etc) that we are going to do as we go but now I also need to put 3 peoples stuff away and can barely move around these things. He keeps saying “I moved stuff for an hour and a half today and then moved it all into its rooms for you” like no.....you did this for our family which includes yourself. Why is it that I’m expected to do the rest (besides painting) which will take a few days at least?! Not to mention working during it.

Am I being crazy? I feel so overwhelmed by the clutter.