Co-Sleeping Help! (Long post)

My son is almost 2.5. He has been co sleeping with us since I found out I was pregnant (due in Jan) and we switched him to a big boy bed. Previously, he slept with us once in a while (and slept at our side until he was a year). I love co-sleeping, we all sleep great! BUT- I would love to get him back to his room by the time the baby comes. We’ve created a monster because he needs me to lay with him to fall asleep, and if/when he wakes up he cries for me (sometimes multiple times throughout the night). He used to sleep just fine on his own 😫. Half the time I give up and just bring him in our room or say “just tonight you can sleep with us” because I’m so tired and emotional and I love his snuggles! I just don’t know what the right thing to do is. I think he needs to sleep on his own!?!? Help!