(Kinda long) My November 1st induction/Birth Story


**scroll to the bottom for pictures!** ❤️❤️❤️

After having numerous UTIs this pregnancy and then crazy flank pain that came on very suddenly at 36 weeks and did not go away, along with blood and blood clots in my urine and an infection that wasn’t responding to my normal meds, my dr decided after a weekend ER visit due to increased pain, an ultrasound on my kidneys, and blood clots in my urine starting at 38 weeks on the dot, to induce me at 38 weeks 3 days due to an inflamed/irritated right kidney caused by a blockage (my uterus) (which is very very common in pregnancy btw! What is not normal, is the pain I was having with it!)

So on November 1st, I showed up to the hospital at 9 am to get checked in and got into a labor room right away. With not having any painful contractions for the last 24 hours, I started having some very noticeable contractions every 3 minutes literally the second I laid in the bed. Not only that, I all of a sudden had a HUGE bowling ball feeling in my butt any time I moved.

The nurse wanted to check in with my dr to make sure he was still on board with the induction because they don’t typically do inductions until 39 weeks. So once she confirmed all that with my dr, all was good, and she started me on pitocin right around 10 am.

It’s now about 1030 and at this point the contractions were still very bearable, just highly uncomfortable, so she ups the pitocin. The bowling ball feeling in my butt was getting worse, so I sat on a birthing ball for awhile to relieve some of that pain/pressure.

The nurse came in every 30 min to check in on me and up the pitocin. Around noon is when my dr came to check in on me and see how everything was progressing and to break my water. This is also when I requested an epidural because I was starting to hurt pretty bad with the contractions and it takes the anesthesiologist an hour to arrive after being called and I was not about to get my water broken while sitting at 3cm knowing once that water is broken things will progress quickly, meaning more pain, so no thank you to that lol.

Around 1 is when I got the epidural and immediately after the anesthesiologist and my nurse left the room, I threw up. At first I didn’t think I was going to, I thought it was just the epidural kicking in so I tried to fight it. My husband even put down his food in preparation for the throw up, but once I said nah it’s not gonna happen, he turned around took another bite of food and that’s when I started snapping at him (literally with my fingers!) like GET THE F OVER HERE NOW because this crap is coming up!! My husband grabbed the huge ass trash can from across the room and ran to my side while I’m throwing up all over myself, the bed, and the floor and completely missing the trash can because he had it too far away from me and I couldn’t bend over far enough to reach it 😂 so once my stomach is empty, my nurse runs in, stares at me and was like “did you throw up?? I was wondering why your heart rate jumped to 180 all of a sudden!” So yay. First vomit of the day.

A couple hours go by of puking and watching tv and changing positions (which changing positions made me puke every single time so we didn’t do it too often) and it’s time to check my cervix- still at a 3. Water still in tact. My dr didn’t break my water. 🤦🏻‍♀️ which I had a feeling he didn’t, but I didn’t wanna say anything because well...he knows best, right? Lol

So the nurse calls the on call dr instead to come in and break my water. She arrives at 430 and SUCCESSFULLY breaks it!! It was a huge POP and release (Just like everyone describes it!) so there was no doubt that it was broken this time around.

This is also when we find out there’s meconium in my water (great, who knows how long it’s been like that!)

By 630-40 pm, it’s time to check my cervix again after another two hours of on and off vomiting, and changing positions and watching tv and talking to my family since they’ve been in and out of the room with us all day.

I was a 6!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

So my family comes back in the room after that last check, and I’m starting to fall asleep until I get this weird pain in my vagina. Like on the left side only (which we thought was because the epidural stopped working on my left side for awhile) so I turned over to my left side and kept pressing the “more meds button” to get rid of the pain.

But it never went away.

So at 7 pm my nurse was like “okay. Well that’s a weird thing to be hurting with all the meds that are in you so let’s check you”. We kick my family out and she checks me.

I’M AT A 10!!!! 😱 my husband and I literally fist bump each other in excitement. Like THINGS ARE REALLY HAPPENING OMG 🎉

So we have a nurse tell my family to go wait in the waiting room (they were just chilling in the hall) since it was time to push!

So the nurses change shifts at 7 so we start pushing with the new nurse that is now on shift at like 710ish - and I can’t feel anything but the weird pressure in my vagina so the nurse is watching my contractions on the monitor and telling me when to push and what not and in between contractions, I was just watching tv completely, 100%, relaxed, and pushing when it came time to. Let me tell you, it was AWESOME. It was only me, my husband and my nurse the entire time. I have never felt so relaxed and calm and content with something so life changing before!!

By 740, she told me to not laugh, to not talk, to not do anything because the baby was coming OUT and she needed the NICU team (for the meconium) and the dr RIGHT AWAY.

Well none of them showed so she called again at 755ish? Well thankfully the dr was close to our room at this point because I started feeling stuff moving down there. Like something was sliding out of me (because it was!!) so I told the nurse I felt something, she didn’t hear me, so I yelled it and everyone in the room went wide eyed and screamed THE BABYS HEADS OUT!!!!

The dr had JUST gotten in the room, gown was on ONE arm, she didn’t have gloves on either, by the time she caught him, his chest was already half way out!! My husband said he came out face up with his hands flailing everywhere 😂

I literally did NOT push him out! I was laying down, completely relaxed and my body did ALL of the work. I didn’t tear or anything either. 🎉

My labor lasted roughly 10 hours. I pushed for 30 minutes. And baby slid out of me with no help from me whatsoever. I got to touch the head when he was crowning (SO FREAKING COOL BTW!! Below is actually my reaction to touching the head), I got to see the placenta with the amniotic sac attached, my husband cut the cord, and he even took random pictures throughout both labor and delivery. My labor and delivery both could not have gone any smoother!! I am so very thankful for that and for everyone involved in bringing my son into this world. ❤️

He was born at 7:59 pm. 7lbs 3oz. 19 inches long.

Sitting on the birthing ball to relive the bowling ball feeling in my butt. (Which I only lasted about 30 min on the ball before the pain and pressure got worse)

In pain, and very uncomfortable waiting for the anesthesiologist to receive the epidural

Post epidural and in between vomiting episodes 😅

My reaction to touching the head as it was crowning. (SO COOL BTW!!)

After he arrived!! 🥰

First family photo ❤️

First meal post baby and dad holding him the first time

From our Fresh48 session ❤️