Reflux means no flat surfaces... even elevated ones. Got to have faith.


So tonight we are tying to put LO in the napper part of his pack n play.

We have been doing only supervised sleep in various seats and beds for the last 4 weeks or so because he just cannot sleep on a flat surface.. even when we prop up one side of the mattress. We’ve tried the pack n okay the bassinet and the crib. Even co-sleeping barely works because it’s still flat. He just ends up in my arms because I hear him gargle or flop around.

He has reflux but also he likes to sleep curled up. Flat and a relaxed posture is not his style.

Tonight we are trying to have the faith that it is okay that he is not sleeping on a 100% flat surface. The napper is wide open with plenty of ventilation and he will be in a swaddle. If this is what he needs.. then we are going to give it to him. He’s 5 weeks 5 days.

Just sharing a bit of our parenting journey. This little guy is so precious and we’re thankful to be his parents.