Relationship from hell update

So it’s been about four or five days since I last posted about my miserable relationship!! Since then we have been fight calling each other horrible names and even him not coming home one night!! We talked about breaking up and he confessed that he didn’t want to but didn’t want to do the simply things that he needs to do. Get a job , pay bills etc. not going to lie I had my chance to get him out right then and there but I shut down and said I needed to think about it and let him know!!! I know what y’all are thinking, girl you dumb as hell kick the bum out!! The same day he came back to my house pissy drunk, so I let him sleep in the living, the following morning he proceeds to tell me he’s going to his moms and most likely will be staying the night. I told him great and that I think it would be best you stay there for a few nights and left for work!! On my way to work this man had the nerve to call me and go off on me about the dumbest thing ever call me all types of names!! Just through my whole day off I had to fight back my tears my whole shift. Hell I’ve been ugly crying all weekend!! It just hurts to know the person you love can talk to you so evil!! I know I have my issues and I know I haven’t been the best girlfriend to him but I can say I have been there for him through everything!! I’ve changed the locks on my house, his stuff is still there. We spoke briefly today and yesterday. Today hurts more then yesterday!! Apart of me wants to work it out and call but then the other part of me knows this is not the best situation I need to be in!! Lately I have been having so many supportive friends and family through this hard time!! I wanna thank you guys too for listening to something I already know about!! Loving the wrong person hurts