Confusion with my son


Question for breastfeeding mommies- My 3 week old Sam is usually an excellent latcher/feeder. Occasionally (tonight for example) he will latch for about 7 minutes, then unlatch and have a ton if difficulty getting back on. He'll root like crazy with the nipple in his mouth, push off my breast, cry, arch his back and kick his feet. I try to calm him , and try to feed again with the same result. He does this usually when he's really hungry. I try to help guide him to my breast and he fights the whole way as if he doesn't want to eat and starts crying. I try to take him away and then he cries because he's still hungry. What should I do to help this? Like I said, this doesn't usually happen, but it's happening enough that I'm very concerned. He has a minimal tounge tie, but will usually latch and feed no problem. We did introduce a paci for car rides/ times when he won't fall asleep nursing. He is exclusively breast fed.