Thanksgiving drama

Candie • First time mom of baby boy #1

Not that it will probably help but I need advice. We have a two month old who is the first grand baby on both sides. My husband thinks my uncles house where we always do thanksgiving is not clean enough for the baby. No one In my family thinks it is too dirty. My husband says he definitely does not want to go there for thanksgiving. My mom doesn’t think it’s fair and that we are treating my family badly. No one can agree to come to a different location. The only other option is just to go to my in-laws the whole day and not see my family at all. I Want to see my family and do not think

The house is that dirty. My husband thinks I should take his side and not see my family, since they won’t agree to go somewhere else. My mom is very hurt that she may not see her grandson for his first thanksgiving... anyone been in a similar situation? What did you do?

My mom and husband are both telling me it’s all up to decision. But if I don’t choose their pick they will be extremely hurt.

Please help!