Love Who You Are.

Brooke • I’ve been through a lot of shit, lol.

Please ladies, never stop loving yourself and who you are. Even when going through tough times remember that no matter what shape, size, weight, or physical features you are/have, there will always be someone in this world that will love you FOR YOU. Life is way too short to worry about other people’s opinions. We’re girls and women, it’s so hard for us to stay positive and afloat. We go through a lot, but it just proves we’re strong. To all my ladies out there who struggle with ANY mental disability, i’ve been there. i’ve hit rock bottom, Ive attempted suicide. I had an eating disorder when i was only 10, I struggle with anxiety everyday and depression every second. I’ve been through a lot but i’m getting better. You know why? Because i’m loving myself through it all. I am gaining my confidence, and I am kicking ass. You all can too. please stay strong. You’re all gorgeous inside and out.