Stupid husband rant


My husband is a stay at home Dad with out 11 month old son. He does no cleaning during the day and usually just forages in the fridge for his lunch. I work 2 jobs, for a total of 11 hours a day 5 days a week, and he still expects me to make dinner every night, and manage the finances. I’m run so ragged I became suicidal last year and now have to fit counseling into my already too busy schedule. He is disabled, but not to the point of needing an aid/helper so it really bothers me that he doesn’t contribute. I know taking care of the baby is work too, but it shouldn’t be that I have to do everything else both in and out of the house. I’ve asked for help so many times and he just doesn’t understand or possibly doesn’t care that I’m so overwhelmed and overworked. I’m not ready to end my marriage, I’m just so frustrated that he is not contributing to this partnership.


Just came home to this

He cleaned the kitchen and made dinner. I feel very special today! I know this won’t be an everyday thing, but it’s nice to see he cares.