I feel like i post this a lot but hopefully this will be my last time


I'm 315.2lbs and 6ft tall my goal weight is 200 so I have about 115lbs to lose. I'm going to start this 30 day workout program.

Sorry it's hard to read but basically about every other day it has a workout usually focusing on a part of the body and should only take 10-20 minutes to complete the exercise. This program will hopefully get me into the routine of exercising and after the 30 days I'll probably exercise on my own for find a new exercise program.

Since binge eating is the reason for the weight gain I'm going to start out just eating 3 regular portioned meals without snacking/binging in between meals after this month I'll focus more on eating healthy.

To hopefully motivate me and keep positive I'll have a reward for each milestone below:

One week reward (12/5) : watch a Redbox dvd

One month reward (12/31): buy 30 dollars worth of dvds

3 month reward(2/28/19): get one Pusheen box

6 month reward (5/30/19): get small tattoo

1 year reward (11/30/19): buy new outfits and do a photoshoot

The dates are when they'll be IF I stay on track.

Dates may change if I don't do good.

Lastly every night I'll write on a small piece of paper one thing that I did that day that I'm proud of/accomplished. That way I can look back at my accomplishments and if I'm having a hard day I can read them to get motivation. Plus if I had a bad day it makes me think of one positive thing.