Your in your 30’s don’t give up hope. So excited


I will be 35 in April so I was concerned it was too late. This is my third cycle and I been using Clearblue advanced digital. I ran out of test strips and didn’t read the instructions. I was supposed to use the same device and just use the test strips from the new box until next cycle and then switch the device. Anyways I went from high fertility to low fertility. I was upset that maybe I didn’t ovulate but I took a dollar opk and it still showed a second line. So I figured oh well. I will just forget about this and start next cycle again. It was so stress free. We had fun without all the timing of sex for conception. When you stop trying it does happen😁

10 DPO. Period due in 5 days. Evening urine just out of the blue realized af would be here soon but I didn’t feel like she was soon coming. Don’t even know how to feel right now. 😆 👶🏼

FRER digital this morning (11/28)