Weird symptoms, can anyone relate?


Hi all! Been struggling with the idea something may be going on down there, and unfortunately my body isnt helping my theories at all. I am wondering if anyone has experienced similar events and if you got any medical answers?

I average 32 day cycles, 5 days in length. The first two days heavy bleed, then it tapers off. This time around, all of a sudden, it was 46 days, my period arrived and it’s not as heavy as it normally is to begin with.

I have been having increasing cramps over the course of this year, my pms is so bad it interferes with my life ((so emotional I cry over everything and anything for a day or two before period)) and it’s put a strain on my relationship recently, because he hasn’t dealt with it before and it’s hard for a guy to understand how a girl can cry for no reason and be so irritable!! Haha. I have no sex drive, and get dull cramps even when I’m not on my period.

I am going to see a gyno for the first time on Monday, because I just want to make sure everything is okay. I’m nervous because I’ve been having lower abdomen/pelvic concerns all year and my primary doc thought it was GI related, but I’m not so sure. When I addressed I thought it may be menstrual related, he prescribed me b.c. but I didn’t take it because that makes me nervous.

This has never happened in regards to my bleeding before (46 day length, light bleeding to begin) and that in combination with my concerns this year has me worried. If anyone has experienced anything similar I would greatly appreciate hearing your experience, and would love any advice on questions to ask the gyno on Monday!