***TMI*** i am posting this in tmi please help with answers ..

so lately me an my Fiance have been TTC for 11 months now.. i keep thinking maybe its because of him or his sperm that we cannot get pregnant yet . we do eat healthy sometimes. but he does smoke (weed and sometimes tobacco) and sometimes he will have a light beer but he hardly drinks but mostly smokes but hardly tobacco only sometimes . but he does smoke weed i dont smoke or drink .. but i asked my fiance can i take a picture of his sperm and post it and ask if this is healthy or Not . or is he not white enough can anyone please comment and tell me if we are able to continue to try or does his sperm have to be white white or are we fine and im just being dramatic. (i made him ejactulate on himself to see if his sperm was white lol) i posted this in TMI for a reason