I seriously hate this game already.

You know the one. The waiting game.

But maybe I’m different. I don’t test. I always know my period will come. So I just wait.

Been feeling off and on cramps for days. Mostly one sided. I swore I felt an ovulation cramp between my last period and this predicted one. Appetite like crazy days before it was suppose to start. Which always happens; I see it as I’m preparing for hibernation lol


It’s rare I’m late, usually I’m early. But I’ve been stressed, so I believe that’s why.

I’ve wanted to be pregnant for so long that I’ve been giving up.

And now I’m going on day three today.

But I just don’t feel like I could be. I don’t have that special feeling people talk about. I just feel like it’s going to be like that one time I was on meds for a UTI and was late. This time I am not. Was on pain meds recently but haven’t been for almost two weeks.

Just needed to vent ladies. I’m sorry. Just so frustrated.

And my period is never on point.