I’ve Been feeling so down

So I just had a beautiful baby girl sept 30 perfectly healthy no complications or anything that I’m so happy and grateful aside that last year November I lost my mom I am only 20 so it’s really hard being this young with out your mom in the world I end up getting pregnant January I was with my child father the whole pregnancy but I wasn’t happy he did a lot of things to me that you know no pregnant women should endure but I still was with him because I loved him I’ve always been a nice loyal genuine person

And that’s what he said he loved about me but when I got pregnant things that he would do to me that I would just brush off when I wasn’t pregnant I took it to heart then we would always get in heated arguments a lot of disrespect

I mean I was pregnant my emotions were everywhere I would just snap and he dealt with it but in some cases he would say stuff to me like “I can’t wait until you have the baby we won’t be together” and it would really hurt me cause who says that to someone but then he apologize and me being Vulnerable I needed him I had no friends me and my family don’t get along he was all I had

Fast forward to a couple weeks before I was induced I stayed with him Cause I could’ve been going into labor any day and he would always leave me in the house by myself etc and just down right being wrong

Finally was being induced he stayed with me all five days as he should and was there had no doubt he was always there for me and was so excited for the baby anyway..

He told me he didn’t want to be in a relationship to “better hisself “ and it hurted me But I cant be selfish to that and I knew it was for other reasons but it is what it is things are just bad now I’m so depressed I’m hurt because how he did me and is still doing me he telling me he doesn’t want to be with me to better hisself But is messing with other females

But still acting like we’re together and it’s confusing me and it just hurts me so bad he was all I had when my mom died through my pregnancy now I see your texting other females and other things and I’m hurt we are suppose to be a family you were just my boyfriend a month ago we just had a child together this is hurting me

And to avoid talking about it He overrides everything I say and says it’s all about the baby which I know and I find myself saying hurtful things like I don’t want you around us

Earlier today I went to his house and started a fight my head has just been everywhere dealing with my family then him on top of being back at work and healing and not having my mom and no one to talk to it’s sooooo hard and I feel bad I say these things to him but I’m so hurt by him doing this to me I can’t see past it what should I do I need advice I need support I am tired of keeping everything bottles in and being depressed I have a daughter and she feeds off my energy