Aaaand now I am stressing. Please take a look at my test


Sorry I keep posting tests but I have never been this unsure about pregnancy tests before. Here’s my situation: I have pcos and don’t ovulate on my own. it took 2 rounds of clomid to conceive my son. He was born oct 2017. Shortly after he was born I got on birth control. We used to be so careful and used condoms even though I was in bc and then we just stopped for whatever reason. Once I completed my packet of bc in October, I kept pushing it off until the next day again and again and again until well here we are November is gone. I don’t use ov tests to track my cycle and kinda just went based off what the app was saying on when i ovulated. I thought I was WAY further in my cycle (as in about to start my period) so we were not using protection -YES I KNOW STUPID. Hopped on the app the next day to see when exactly I’m supposed to start, and BAM HELLO YOU ARE OVULATING WASSUP FERTILE MERTILE. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ of course at this point the damage is done and if for whatever reason my body decides to work like it should.

Anyways, after my supposed ovulation I kept having menstrual type cramps up until I was supposed to start my period. I keep taking tests because I have yet to start my period. All my tests have been in the evening (so diluted) but I took this one this morning.

Do you guys see a line or am I just stressing myself out? We are no exactly ready for another kiddo right now but I just want answers 😭

Photo was taken in test time frame.

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